Area Dance Classes

Updated 11/7

NEW - Line Dance  - Charlotte

Tuesday at The Tavern, downstairs located at 300 E. Morehead St Charlotte NC starting at 730pm. Only $5.00. Parking is in back at the Time Warner cable and Channel 14 parking lot.







519 West Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia, NC,

 Interested in Western Square Dancing?

Contact: Danny Thomas at 803-328-0289 or e-mail: Classes at The Shield of Faith Church, 2499 Firetower Road, Rock Hill

Dance information

American Style Social Dance is the most popular form of dance in the United States and is danced for personal pleasure. An effort is invested into offering a well-rounded dance program at St. John's and offering dance instructions in dances that can be used at general dances or dances where the band or DJ plays a variety of music. These same dances are also danced at dance studio dance parties. If you are tired of dancing a slow dance to every slow song played or a Swing to every fast song played, then these dances will give you greater variety.

American Tango is a progressive dance moving around the room in the Line of Dance. Almost all dances will have one or two Tangos during the evening.

Bachata from the Dominican Republic was originally associated with Latin dancehalls but over the past decades has risen to the popularity level of Salsa and Merengue but danced to a slower rhythm. An in-place dance to be danced on a crowded floor to a slow romantic or bluesy tune.

Nightclub Two-Step, not to be confused with country western two-step, is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever conceived. It is danced to a type of music that is played at every dance, every where, a slow contemporary soft rock or Love Song music. Night Club Two Step can be used often on any and every dance floor. It is a simple dance with no rigid technique.

Quickstep is smooth and lively and danced progressively in the Line of Dance. Quickstep offers a wonderful break from dancing so many Swing dances in one evening as a Quickstep can be danced to a lot of Swing music. Quickstep is a happy, upbeat dance and associated with up tempo music of the big bands.

Originating in Cuba, Salsa is the current dance rage of the nation and danced to up-tempo music. Salsa is all about enjoying the dance.

Samba is a lively Brazilian dance. Samba has both stationary and
traveling steps.

Shag is a slow, laid back type of Swing. The dance of the Carolinas and needs no definition.

West Coast is danced in a slot the same as Shag and has passes rather than turns as Shag does. Rather than the female rocking back, she steps forward on count one. West Coast is danced to music a little slower than East Coast
Swing and has a bluesy form of Swing. West Coast is a very smooth dance.

If you would like to have your class or dances listed please email me with the details and schedule using the email link under "Contact Us"